Season 3 of the popular Netflix dating reality show Love Is Blind will premiere in less than a year! That implies there will be more pod romance.

Love Is Blind is produced by Kinetic Content, and it has been claimed that Season 3 has already wrapped.

This Netflix dating reality series begins with 15 women and men initially isolated from one another. Over the course of ten days,

That is where pod romances begin. If two individuals have a strong enough connection, they will get engaged and eventually meet.

Eight couples became engaged throughout the two seasons, but only six of them got married. Only two couples from each season are still together.

Unfortunately, you don’t get to view all of the participants’ pod romances, but you do get to see some spicy things!

They even talked about how she doesn’t believe in evolution and he does, but they still got married! You can guess how they turned out.

The Netflix dating reality television series contains elements of romance, humor, and drama.

Although no official debut date has been given, Netflix has confirmed that season 3 will premiere this year. It occurred shortly after season 2

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