Kim Kardashian Update: Without a doubt, a lot of celebrities are very much aware of creating headlines with their fashion looks.

And that is the reason why they are giving us back-to-back appearances in public or on their social media. From their sizzling look to their casual look

Among them is definitely going to be Kim Kardashian who was recently seen in a Lamborghini in her black leather attire.

Kim Kardashian has always shown her luxurious side to the people and media. And that is the reason why we have always seen her with a different look

Talking about her whole look then Kim Kardashian was seen in Los Angeles in her black catsuit that was of leather.

She was also seen wearing black boots and was holding a small black bag to complete her whole black look.

It is not the first time when we have seen Kim Kardashian coming out of a very luxurious and expensive vehicle. We have also seen her coming out of a Maybach minivan that is worth $400000.

But when it comes to her Lamborghini then it is one of her favorite vehicles to go for. With not even a single doubt


Talking a little bit more related to her dress than it had an open cleavage display. She was also seen in her regular blonde hair that was matching with her dress as if some Platinum is shining over her head.


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