Kim Kardashian - Ketty Perry Drama Updates

Kim Kardashian - Ketty Perry

Supermodel Kim Kardashian got trolled again over her facial surgeries.

It all started when singer Katy Perry shared her ugly face video on her Instagram handle.

In the video, Katy Perry is seen bawling her eyes out when a contestant gives an emotional performance.

Katy was deeply moved and displayed her "ugly cry face" after the American Idol contestant's performance.

She captioned the post, "Hi, this is my ugly face. Watch Idol to get Urs."

The video received 3,385,922 likes, and it seems that people are loving it.

Kim Kardashian joined the comments section by commenting, "We all have one."

This comment received over 3000 likes as people loved Kim’s sense of humour.

Many people like it, while some people were triggered by the section.

One user wrote, "Yall don’t have to cry to have that ugly face; the botox and lip injections did it to y’all."