Dating and breaking up has become quite a common thing in a couple of 21st centuries. Sometimes it is related to the work

The same goes for our celebrities whose relationships have faced some problems. Sometimes it is related to a normal fight while other times it has resulted in a breakup

After dating for almost 9 months, the couple has finally broken up.

They got separated last week as it was confirmed by Kim Kardashian to her family as well as her friends. This break-up came after a few weeks of Kim Kardashian visiting Pete Davidson in Australia.

Davidson is right now in Australia where he is filming for his upcoming movie that is coming with Orlando Bloom.

The shooting may remain there in Australia for a few more weeks but when it comes to his relationship then it has ended.

Coming to the confirmation then it has not been confirmed by any of the parties. Kim Kardashian has not revealed or confirmed the news of her breakup on social media.

She has shared a very adorable picture of her daughter Chicago but when it comes to her break-up then it seems like she is not going to confirm it for now.

Kim Kardashian recently uploaded a picture of their 4-year-old daughter Chicago in which she was seen wearing sunglasses and a black leather dress.

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