Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Decided To Reunite

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West 

Credit:- IInstagram

Kim Kardashian got back with Kanye West After she broke up with Pete Davidson.

This meeting with Kim Kardashian is going to be the first time after her breakup and decided to mingle again.

When it comes to Kanye West then for him this meeting is not so quite different as he came again for the sake of the children.

Coming to the recent visit then we have seen Kim Kardashian and her ex-husband with their children.

They went to cheer up their eldest daughter North for her basketball game that was happening in Los Angeles on 17 September.

The day was Saturday when they both were photographed together in public after getting united last time in June 2022.

In the photos, we can see Kim Kardashian wearing a white crop top with orange track pants and sunglasses.

She was seen having a conversation with her eldest child when she finished her basketball game.

Kanya West has recently broken up with Chaney Jones and decided to come up with a South African model.