Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Update: Nothing could be better than celebrating every day with our loved ones.

Even every difficult day turns into good if we have the support and company of the best we have. The same is the case with some celebrities who loves to spend time with their loved people.

Talking about any recent celebrity who got spotted with their loved one then it is Jennifer Lopez with her husband Ben Affleck.

The newly married couple is giving us back-to-back appearances in their second honeymoon as they are totally in love with each other.

They can’t help but kiss each other in Milan as they arrived in Italy for their second honeymoon. It was on 25 August when the couple was photographed in a luxury store.

Jennifer Lopez was holding the hands of Ben Affleck as they were leaving the boutique. They were making a great moment and their Bodyguard became the witness.

Jennifer Lopez was looking very beautiful as she was wearing white cropped up with wide pants. She was wearing sandals and a straw hat for the look.

Coming to the actor Ben Affleck then he was wearing a button-down White shirt and jeans. He was also wearing sneakers that was matching his whole look.

The pair are giving back-to-back appearances ever since they got married in Georgia. The place where they get married was the actor and they