Janhvi Kapoor is one of the most known actresses in Bollywood, as her acting skills are top-notch as well as her physique.

When we look at the stars of the Bollywood industry we want to see them as perfect, we want to see our favorite stars making no mistakes

But no matter how easy it appears, living that glamorous life and following the same routine day in and out can be very hectic and certainly isn’t easy eithe

However call it a talent or presence of mind, some stars do manage to control the situation somehow and Jhanvi Kapoor is one of them who is blessed with the talent.

The young upcoming Bollywood diva with huge star power early in their career and great family background, Janhvi is destined to be a huge star in the industry.

Janhvi hasn’t had a very bright start to her career but she has still managed to gain a huge fan following

she is always in the news for her appearances in public, there have been many instances when the camera captured her inappropriately but somehow she managed it like a pro.

At Karan Johar’s birthday bash Janvhi appeared wearing a beautiful skinny fit shimmery outfit and unfortunately


the zip of the dress has some issues with it but Janhvi didn’t even let the media feel it and she boldly embraced the camera.


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