Hey !! The fans of BTS Army out there, are you guys obsessed with K-Dramas Here is good news for you all a series called “All of us are dead ” is renewed for season 2.

If you think K-Dramas are always rosy, romantic, and full of love then you are absolutely mistaken. K-Dramas are full of Drama, Thriller

They are getting popular with flying colors among the young brigade of the world. I am pretty sure that everyone will agree with this fact Isn’t it???

Let’s discuss more details about a series called All Of Us Are Dead Season 2:

K-Dramas usually have the tendency of having only one Season of the Series, but the most famous “Squid Games’ broke the tradition by releasing its 2 Seasons.

However, there is no official announcement regarding the release date of Season 2, also filming has not started yet. We can expect Season two most probably after mid-2023.

The announcement of the Renewal of the series was made by Netflix on 6 June 2022, bringing a big smile to the faces of its fan all around the world.

The second Season will be revolving around Nam-Ra’s story, other characters may also reappear in the storyline.

It will be based in another Korean city and Zombies will be more wild, dangerous, and uncontrolled this Season.

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