The much-awaited Marvel Cinematic Universe’s series Ms. Marvel was released on Disney+ on June 8th

The first episode revolved around the protagonist 16 year young girl Kamala, who is a die hard fan of Captain Marvel and Avengers

But what makes Kamala special is that is knows what she has she doesn’t want to change herself and that’s the definition of her personality.

The young audience can definitely relate to her as in the first episode we saw Kamala’s passion for making YouTube videos

The background music supports the plot in a very beautifully way but one thing is clear that the series has been released just to introduce Ms. Marvel’s character.

In the first episode Kamala’s power were not revelaed so we we are gonna witness her superpowers in the second episode.

Kamala’s life has been portrayed in such a way that all the teenagers who are or have ever been fan of superhero genre film can surely relate

the Indian and Pakistani audience as in multiple scenes Hindi and Urdu


Kamala’s lifestyle and her family is shown in the movie is literally same as everyone Indian or Pakistani family.


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