The Hawkeye premiere is less than a week away, and the cast and crew visited the series’ Hollywood premiere to commemorate the occasion. There has been a lot 

However, Florence Pugh’s role as Yalena Belova in the new season has perhaps been the most talked-about topic. Yelena learned in the Black Widow

We don’t know how big or small her role will be, or how many episodes she’ll appear in, but the fact that she hasn’t been shown in any of the trailers or promotional

Yelena will almost certainly get into a battle with Hawkeye and shortly realize what transpired. By the end of the series, Hawkeye, Yelena, and Kate may form 

Director Rhys Thomas danced around the subject of Yelena‘s involvement when speaking with Gameradar earlier this month, saying: Nonetheless, 

The six action-packed holiday-filled episodes will star Steinfeld, Renner, Pugh, Vera Farmiga, Tony Dalton, Zach McClarnon, Brian d’ Arcy James, Linda Cardellini, and Fra Fee. 

Although Iron Man 3 is set around Christmas, it is released in the summer and is usually not “thought as our Christmas movie”, and “this is unabashedly a holiday story,” Feige 

When asked the cast about setting Hawkeye during the holidays, they all agreed it was a perfect time, especially for a series set in New York City.

He also reiterated Fage’s claim that Hawkeye was a “family-based story,” and Renner himself said, “Clint is a big family guy, so it’s family-friendly … it’s a great pin to put in.” Said.