Grand Crew” is a comical sitcom that airs on the NBC network. It had begun to air in December last year.

Having said that only a season has been released and fans have been in-demand of another season. Details related to season 2 have been shared

Developed by Phil Augusta Jackson, the show stars some of the coolest  actors. Let us have a look at them and their characters :

Season 1 had begun to air on 14th December 2021, and was brought to an end on March 8 this year. It comprised of 10 episodes

the details for which we have given in the next section. Since the show last premiered, fans have been asking for a season 2. Hearing from them, the makers have decided to release season 2.

YES! you read it right. Season 2 of “Grand Crew” is in-making and will be released on NBC, just like the previous season

1. Pilot – The first episode of “Grand Crew” was directed by Mo Marble was released on 14 December, 2021. The episode received over 2 million views.

1. Wine & Fire – Linda Mendoza served as the director for the third episode. Further it was released on January 4, 2022.

Renewed for another season, “Grand Crew” will be soon releasing it’s season 2. Till then if you haven’t watched the season 1 go ahead and do and if you have watch it again.

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