Gintama Anime Spin-Off 3rd Year Class Z Ginpachi-Sensei Has Announced

Gintama Anime

Gintama anime is returning to entertain fans of the series.

According to reports, Tomohito Osaki's 3rd Year Class Z Ginpachi-sensei light novels will be adapted into an anime.

The Gintama Ato no Matsuri 2023 event saw the announcement of the anime spin-off.

At the same event, a teaser trailer starring Sugita as Gintoki and Ginpachi was released.

The anime series 3rd Year Class Z Ginpachi-sensei is part of a larger 20th anniversary celebration.

Gintama will commemorate its 20th anniversary with a slew of projects dubbed Gintama 20th Anniversary Year.

While the release date for 3rd Year Class Z Ginpachi-sensei anime is unknown.

BN Pictures will once again produce the anime spin-off.

Fans are excited for the new spin-off the anime series.