The fantasy drama is a special genre that is always not satisfying the more you see, the less it is

With a wide range of intriguing supernatural variety and unusual storylines, the parallel world is usually a great entertainment source to escape from the real world.

To continue the legacy of the fantasy world, Netflix is globally streaming its new series First Kill Season 1 on Friday 10th June 2022.

Created by V.E. Schwab, First Kill is the adaptation of Schwab’s short story. The main character of Juliette Fairmont is played by Sarah Catherine Hook and Calliope “Cal”

However, the plot of the series is not exactly the same as the book. It is a love story of two young teen girls belonging to different opposing backgrounds.

The main plot line is based on a teenage girl named Juliette, who wants to be part of the most powerful Vampire family which requires something in return

She meets a girl named Calio who she thinks is easy to prey on, but things turn out to be upside down when she realizes that Calio belongs to a popular and experienced Vampire Hunter Family

It will be interesting to see the mouse and cat play with a spice of emotional drive and intimacy between the characters.


The matter will become worse when both of their families are preparing them for their first kills.

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