Firefly Lane Season 2 is one of the most-awaited series since its season 1 was released last year in February 2021

a few days back Netflix released a video on its Youtube Channel, where we can see the stars of the show Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke have officially announced season 2.

In the announcement video which was released on Youtube by Netflix on 27th May 2021

we can see atherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke are announcing the Firefly Lane Season 2

The stars had also discussed some of the burning questions related to the show and what could happen in Season 2.

Although Netflix has not announced any tentative release date for the Firefly Lane Season 2, as it was not mentioned in the announcement video too.

Heigl has also confirmed in one of her Twitter account that we will get season 2 of the show in 2022 for sure.