Eurovision 2022 Contest Results

The Eurovision Song Contest returns, complete with all the usual fire and lasers, smoke and sequins.

Get your wind machines ready and drink lots of water! The Eurovision Song Contest 2022 grand final is underway!  Here we have list of top performances you can witness on Yutube this year

We Are Domi is composed by Dominika Haskova, a Czech singer, and Benjamin Rekstad (on piano), from Norway.

Czech Republic: We Are Domi - "Lights Off"

Bucharest calling. Romania's Andrei Ursu, better known as WRS, is ranked second with a Spanish-English pop hit. WRS, a former dancer shows off his best moves in "Llamame", (that's Call me).

Romania: WRS - "Llamame"

MARO is a Portuguese-born singer with Italian heritage who lives in the United States. "Saudade, Saudade" ("I miss you,I miss you") is one of the two songs that this year was not written in the 4/4 time signature.

Portugal: MARO - "Saudade, Saudade"

With over five million sales worldwide, the Rasmus have established themselves as a Finnish pop music icon with almost 30 years of experience. The Rasmus will be performing "Jezebel" at Eurovision, which inverts biblical themes.

Finland - "Jezebel”

Marius Hugli, also known professionally as Marius Bear, is a 28 year-old singer-songwriter hailing from Appenzell. Marius Hugli was originally a mechanic.

Switzerland: Marius Bear - "Boys Do Cry"

It's Brittany, witch! This Breton-language band celebrates northwestern France's musical traditions by setting them to an EDM beat.

France: Alvan & Ahez - "Fulenn"

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