Crime as a theme of entertainment has enhanced itself like no other genre. Whether it is related to the suspense they create or the thrill they have

Talking about any series that has given the best of entertainment through these themes then it is CSI: Vegas that is in talk related to CSI: Vegas Season 2.

We have already seen season one of CSI: Vegas which has gained a lot of attention and love from the fans.

And that is the reason why the remake and renewable became possible for CSI: Vegas Season 2. It was in December 2021 when makers renewed the series for the second season.

At first, it was reported that CSI: Vegas season 2 will have 10 episodes, like season 1 but later on it was confirmed that the season will have more than 13 episodes.

The casting of CSI: Vegas is not that different from season 1. We are going to have almost every leading character, except a few in the CSI: Vegas Season 2.

So here at the names of all those who are coming back and also those who are going to appear for the first time in the series.

Paula Newsome would be Maxine Rony or Max, Matt Lauria would be Joshua Folsom or Josh, Mandeep Dhillon would be Allie Rajan, Marg Helgenberger would be Catherine Willows

The first season of CSI: Vegas was released on 6 October 2021. It ended on 28 December 2021 with the 10th episode. It is based on CSI: Crime scene investigation.

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