Creature Cases Update: Netflix has brought to you the brand-new Animated series: creature cases. The show stars animal detective agent Sam snow and agent Kit Casey.

This show will not only entertain the targeted viewers but also educate them. Unraveling each mystery in creature cases comes with steady factual content.

Each episode has a recap of the facts as shown in the episode through real wildlife footage, with this, the children learn about real-life facts about the animal kingdom.

Silvergate is the Production house of the show, among other things. tell you that you cannot go wrong with the brand new animated series, Creature Cases.

Made with cute and lovable characters, the show has every element which triggers a child’s creativity and curiosity.

The show paints our earth as a world habited only by animals. Sam and Kit are agents of CLADE: the Covert League of Animal Detective Experts.

Wild adventures never go wrong for kids and Netflix has brilliantly used this fact to make its shows draw the attention of kids.