Cobra Kai Season 5 has infinite numbers of possibilities after the initiation of the Karate Kid event in the Cobra Kai Season 4.

The Co-creator of the show Hayden Schlossberg told the deadline that Hilary Swank who had played the role of Julie Pierce in the movie

“The Next Karate Kid” could reprise his role after so many years.

We already have got the casts like Elisabeth Shue and in Cobra Kai Season 4 we have seen Karate Kid III’s Terry Silver played by Thomas Ian Griffith.

So as per the earlier records of the showrunner, we can get Hilary Swank in his role once again on Netflix’s Cobra Kai.

Although the Season 4 of the show has ended a few months back which was really a great hit on the streaming giant and there are a lot of characters

The four seasons of Cobra Kai is available to watch on Netflix, If you haven’t watched the latest season yet you can binge-watch it.