Bradley Cooper Updates: Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk have dated for several years and got blessed with their daughter in 2017. But the 

It’s been a long Irina got involved in a relationship since her breaking up with Cooper. As ex is moving on with her new relationship, the legit question is Who Bradley Cooper is dating now?

In an exclusive interview with Howard Stern in 2011, Cooper talked about the peaceful separation with his ex-wife and they both decided not to stay 

After some casual relationships, Cooper found out a romantic connection with Renee Zellweger and they started to date from mid-2011 and officially lived together.

Then one of his serious relationships came, Irina Shayk, and their love bloomed in a beautiful daughter. but the moment they split up, Cooper didn’t reveal much about 

But later he set up an explanation about this and he said that they are just friends and his current focus is to raise his daughter. So, maybe Cooper is just taking a long break from 

Many people mocked them when they started dating, calling them an unusual couple. Everything from their age gap to reports that he assaulted his first wife made headlines, but 

A lot has transpired in the five years since their divorce, but one can only hope that they are still friends now that their children have grown and are mature enough to spend time with one other.

Cooper and Suki began dating in March 2013 and dissolved their relationship two years later because Cooper was ready. They were photographed