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'Boruto' Chapter 79 Release Date And More

Boruto Chapter 79

Boruto manga chapter 79 is all set to amaze the fans of the manga.

This chapter promises to be one for the books, with unexpected plot twists and jaw-dropping moments.

The readers of manga are eagerly awaiting the aftermath of Kawaki's disturbance.

The Konoha authorities are on the hunt for the rogue shinobi, and it's getting more complicated.

But that's not all; the chapter will also investigate Mitsuki's sage mode and Boruto's Jougan.

The internet is abuzz with leaked raw scans that reveal one of the most shocking twists.

As per the leaks, Eida, a manga character, is set to take center stage.

Mitsuki goes into Sage Mode and attacks Boruto, while Sarada is the only one who is unaffected.

As the official release date approaches, fans are on the edge of their seats for the upcoming chapter.

Boruto manga chapter 79 is scheduled for release on March 19, Sunday.