Blue Beetle Movie Trailer Breakdown And Powers

Blue Beetle

The first trailer for the DCU movie Blue Beetle is out.

The trailer gives glimpses of the titular superhero, Jaime Reyes.

The Latino actor will play the lead in a DC superhero film.

He gains his powers from an alien scarab that attaches itself to him.

The plot of the movie will revolve around Jaime Reyes, played by comic legend George Lopez.

Apart from Jaime, the trailer also features Belissa Escobedo, Bruna Marquezine, and others.

In an interview, Mariduena expressed his "jittery eagerness and restlessness" for his role.

He added that he felt honoured to play the role of Jaime Reyes.

Blue Beetle is expected to be a game changer when it is released on August 18, 2023.