Blood Of Zeus Season 2 Updates: Blood of Zeus is an animated show created for adults in which we see the characters of Greek 

The trailer for the 2nd season was dropped in January 2021 and it was like an announcement video for the show and there is no 

The animation industry has suffered less in the ongoing pandemic than live-action movies and TV shows, but there are still complications and 

AIn the last season, we saw The Parlapanides Brothers say that the introduction of Hades is “a big set-up” for Season 2.” Although, Season

The three brothers.” He further told us minor there are “things that happened in Season 1 that are really set-ups for Season 2.

This series was handled by Powerhouse animation and I hope the second season will be handled by the same studio.

Still know, there is no scheduled release date for this film and so fans get disappointment about this series. The season 1

At the end of this story, there was a shocking death of the Goddess Hera at the battlefield.  This death scene made the fans 

There were three main voice characters in this series and they include Derek Phillips, Jason O’ Mara, Claudia Christian. I am sure