Credit:- IG/Shivangi Joshi

Blackpink And BTS Members Seen At The Harry Styles Concert

Harry Styles

American singer and pop icon Harry Styles managed to do what no other singer has done before.

He managed to get BTS members to sit with Blackpink at his recent concert.

The hunk headed to Seoul, where a host of South Korean stars came together under one roof.

As per reports, a total of 21 Korean stars were present for the big gig.

However, fans only had eyes for the BTS members who were seen vibrating together at the concert.

There were members of the girl K-pop group Blackpink not too far from the boys.

Both Rose and Jennie were spotted seated just a few seats away from the boys.

After the show, both BTS Army and BLACKPINK's BLINKS took to Twitter to share photos of the stars.

Things took an interesting turn when some shippers spotted videos of Taehyung glancing at Jennie.

However, Army and Blinks have been on top of their game to debunk claims.