We have always known DC Comics-based on superhero stories and films. They have always given us full entertainment up to the mark of our expectations.

Black Adam is a superhero film that is based upon DC Comics and its characters. It is an American film that has the same name as the comic.

The film is produced by a lot of banners including DC films, New Line Cinema, Seven Bucks, and then by FlynnPictureCo.

Black Adam is distributed by Warner Bros Pictures. With its release, it is going to be the 11th in the DC Extended Universe

The film is directed by Jaume Collet Serra. The cinematography is done by Lawrence and when it comes to editing then it is under the hand of John and Michael.

The film was planned to release in 2021 in December but it could not happen due to pandemics. Some casts were added later in the Black Adam and the script was written again.

After finalizing all kinds of details and the shooting, the film is going to release on 21 October 2022.

Talking about the story of Black Adam then it is set after 5000 years when Black Adam has received the power of Egyptian Gods.


He was then imprisoned quickly. Black Adam then seeks justice in this modern world and that’s how the story continues.

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