I hope that all of us love the Teenage years of our life the most because that was the most beautiful phase of our life where we cry

Even when we remember those days of our life we always say “those were the days”. Sitting in the canteens,  feeling blush looking at your crush

What would happen if your present self will be stuck in your 15-year-old self??? Back to 15 is one such show which picturizes the situation into reality.

So to get all your questions answered regarding the Season  2 of the series and its renewal read this article till the end!!!

One thing we are completely sure about it is that Back to 15 is officially renewed for Season 2 without any difficulties in its way.

The streaming giant Netflix has renewed the series because of its massive success and the amazing viewership it earned.

Keeping all the things in mind we could expect Season 2 of the series to hit our screens somewhere around the winter of 2023.

If you have Season one of the series you must be knowing that your story revolves around Anita along with her friends and family.

She is a 30-year-old woman who travels back to  15 years old herself. Isn’t that sounding so fascinating to you??

Season 1 ended when one of their friends of Anita, Joel got to know the trick that how to time travel, and the two accidentally.