Reiner Bruan is the favorite character of Isayama.

Hange and Zeke are the two smartest characters in the series.

Earlier, the writer wants to give series a tragic end but changes it.

Armored Tian is inspired by the WWE wrestler Brock Lesnar.

The previous ‘AoT’ editor was handed an 11-year prison term for the murder of his wife.

The potato girl, Sasha, was set to be killed off in manga chapter 36.

If Isayama could say one thing to Levi, it would be ” Go quickly to sleep.”

The famous character of the series, Levi's birthday is December 25.

Aot also has a crossover comic with Marvel's Avengers called "Attack On Avengers."

Attack On Titan Anime has 7 episodes rated 9.9 or above on IMDB.