The popular video game, Angry birds that you can play is now available as a good video game movie too. It is loved for its simple premise, easy gameplay, and quirky style.

Based on the hit game from 2009, Angry Bird was a phenomenon that practically took over the world.

Angry Birds: Summer Madness, is another animated adaptation by Netflix Based on video games and the credit for the fantastic show goes to Rob Doherty and Scott Sonneborn the director of the franchise

The series is centered around the four main characters in Splinter wood and represents a teenager version of them

Summer Franticness debuted on Netflix giving a glimpse of the day camp endeavors of the irate fowls, hurried amid their formative youthful years.

The production has incorporated everything that one could see at a camp, the rivalry between everybody pulling, pranks, food and water wars, and having fun in the summertime.

Especially the main character Red, Bomb, Chuck, and Stella, focused on every episode as the notorious friends having a good time, with a really simple story.

Now the show is going to be back, as Netflix has officially announced the release of Angry Birds: Summer Madness: Season 2 premiere on 24th June 2022.


It’s a 2D animation, looks pretty good for it has lots of bright colorful moments especially for summer times and different birds in summer camp and pigs are really amazing.


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