Moon Knight Episode 5 is going to be the best one as per the interview of Oscar Isaac who plays the role of Moon Knight

Most probably Koon Knight Episode 5 will deal with one more personality of Marc Spector ‘Jake Lockley’

Moreover, as Khonshu is inside the idol of rocks hence Marc can think about finally getting rid of Khonshu and after defeating Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawk), he can decide not to free Khonhsu.

There is a lot to explore in Moon Knight Series as we exactly do not know what happened between Marc and Layla’s father and how he was killed in Egypt.

Episode 5 of Moon Knight is scheduled to be released on 27 April 2022 next Wednesday only on Disney+.

The Release time can be different as per the different time zones. Episode 5 can give major twists to the plot of the series

In a recent interview, Oscar had said that Mr. Night’s costume he would prefer over Moon Knight because he is more fun and adventurous than Moon Knight.