The novel and movie’s familiarity starts of evolved at the equal time as Laura is going on an excursion to Siciliy together alongside aspect her terrific buddy and their boyfriends.

He is abducted with the useful resource of the use of a mafioso, Don Massimo Torricelli

Their postpartum excitement, seemingly concerning horseback driving at the beach

New Character- Nacho, performed with the useful resource of the use of Simone Susanna, is a gang rival who competes with Laura’s coronary coronary coronary heart

He asks her to “get him out of here.” In the book, Nacho furthermore kidnaps Laura – she appears to have a few forms.

The new monetary catastrophe in Laura’s dating with Massimo consists of a disturbing come upon with sour jealousy and dangerous betrayal

In the second movie, Laura will undergo a turning thing in her dating, consistent with the Netflix blog. The returning sturdy consists of Laura’s terrific buddy and mentor