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Hanna Season 4: Will it ever happen? Showrunner David Farr’s Statement

Hanna Season 4 is the much-awaited series after its season 3 was released on Amazon Prime Video, But Its shoemaker has already given a statement about season 4. The burning question among the fans is whether will season 4 happen or not? Today we’re discussing the same, Will we get Season 4 of Hanna or not? Was season 3 the series finale?

Hanna was the series adaptation of the film with the same name which has 7.6 rating on IMDb. The action-drama series followed the journey of a young girl to become a CIA agent and crack various cases and her journey in the forest.

Will Hanna Season 4 ever happen?

Hmm, that’s the big question as to the showrunner David Farr has already given a statement in the interview with EW that “That was always the intention, to be honest”, he revealed “You’ve got the upbringing of the child Hanna, then you’ve got the adolescent Hanna, and then act 3 is the end of her journey, And each of those parts of the journey involves the discovery of different parts of herself emotionally. It also involves huge discoveries in terms of things she didn’t know and things we didn’t know, and that’s true very much this season. So that’s how I’ve always had it planned.” he said.

So as per the interview given by the showrunner, we may conclude that the Season 4 of Hanna will never happen, But who knows Amazon is best known for its Prequels and Sequels, So we may expect the same for the most-loved teen spy-drama series.

And as per Screenrant the Hanna Season 4 could also be possible sometime in the future and that could be a reboot as per the interview of David Farr to Screnrant.

The Plot of Season 4

The story of a teen and young Hanna is over, and Season 3 was really very satisfying chapter of her life. So Season 4 could be a new start in her life but Farr already has indicated that Season 4 is never gonna be happen with the following storyline, So for Season 4 of the show the storyline will be different and it would show the difference and older timeline too.

The Story of Hanna Season 4 could follow her new life somewhere else as at the end of Season 3 the UTRAX was finished. the storyline of Season 4 will have to be the new phase of Hanna’s life most probably of her adulthood.

We may see comeback few other characters from the show too as various graduate agents have also left the wood without any supervision, so that can be the plot, and Hann’s sister could also return in Season 4.

So, the fans can expect Season 4 with the above-discussed timeline.