Why Luke Kleintank Exited “FBI International” After 3 Seasons?

Recently news started floating on the surface Luke Kleintank will be leaving the show FBI International after 3 seasons of the series! Let’s find the reason behind Luke’s exit!

FBI: International’s cast is in jeopardy as the stars of the show are making exits one by one. It is one of the most popular series by CBS which premiered on September 21, 2021, and the full season was released after a month.

The crime drama series has three seasons with the third one currently ongoing, it was released earlier this year in February after a delay of six months due to the 2023 Writers Guild of America strike.

The third season has 13 episodes and is yet to be finished while the fourth season has already been initiated, however, there is a huge problem that might hurt the makers as well as the fans of the show.

Recently, Luke Kleintank, who plays the lead role of Scott Forrester in the show has announced that he will not be a part of the upcoming season.

Yes! If you read it correctly, Entertainment Weekly has confirmed that the actor has parted ways with the franchise.

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FBI: International Lose Another Lead Actor Luke Kleintank From the Show, Season 4 In Jeopardy!

Luke Kleintank

Luke Kleintank, who has been part of the series since day one officially stated after the announcement, the actor said that the reason for his exit is his promise and commitment to his family’s well-being, he loves them and they are his priority.

He also thanked the entire cast and crew of the show whom he considers his family who helped him to grow as an individual and gave him countless memories, and lastly, he thanked his fans for their love and support.

Luke isn’t the only star who has left the show, last year in December it was announced that Heida Reed, who is also another lead actor in the show, is set to exit.

The lead writer of the show Derek Haas also left the show following the end of season 2. With so many big names leaving the show, the makers are left with a headache and fans are dejected, but it will be interesting to see who will be newcomers to fill the shoes of lead actors.