Blake Lively Starrer “It Ends With Us” Delayed!

If you are waiting for the Blake Lively Starrer “It Ends With Us”, I have bad news for you, no it has not been canceled, but delayed. So when will the movie be released, let’s find out the details you need to know!

When we are eagerly waiting for something we cannot just wait to witness that thing as soon as possible but when we get to hear that particular thing is going to be delayed our hearts get disheartened.

So is the case that we are going to share with you in the article and to be more specific we are going to talk about the delays that are going to happen in the upcoming series which is titled It Ends With Us.

So without making any further delay let us just quickly move on so that we can give you every one of the details and updates associated with this delay which is going to happen in the release of the movie, by the time all you need to do just keep on reading this article till the end!!!!

What is the Release Date of Blake Lively Starrer It Ends With Us?

It Ends With Us
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The film faced an ample amount of controversy and delays. At the same time, we must also tell you that originally it was all set for a February 2024 release, now scheduled for June 21, 2024, as per the details given by the makers of the movie.

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What Is the Basic Storyline of the Movie?

It Ends With Us
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The makers have provided a short storyline about the upcoming movie which is a book adaptation and it reads as :

The story of this movie which is adapted from a book represents a beautiful combination of romance in drama, the protagonist of the story is a female named Lily Bloom, realizing the abusive patterns in her relationships, mirroring her parents’ history.

However, there are speculations that there will be certain changes that will be there in the movie and it will be not the same as the book there is still room for changes in the story of the movie.

Stay updated and thanks for reading:)