ARA San Juan: The Submarine that Disappeared Everything We Know So Far

Netflix has announced the release of the Argentine documentary ARA San Juan: The Submarine That Disappeared, which strives to figure out what happened to the submarine that disappeared on all radars in 2017 with 44 crew members aboard.

Viewers may expect eight half-hour episodes that feature an investigative plot backed by official reports and expert perspectives on the incident.

ARA San Juan: The Submarine That Disappeared | Official Trailer

Netflix Upcoming ARA San Juan: The Submarine That Disappeared: All that we know thus far.

Netflix recently released a trailer for their mysterious documentary series, ARA San Juan: The Submarine That Disappeared, on the beyond-explanation loss of an Argentine navy submarine in 2017.

The TV series ARA San Juan explores the events behind the disappearance of the ARA San Juan and its 44 crew members on November 15, 2017.

The documentary series focuses on the circumstances of the submarine’s disappearance, followed by search and rescue operations, and its effect on the crew members’ loved ones & the Argentine people.

It tries to shed light on this confusing maritime event by delving into many thoughts and theories involving the submarine’s fate.

The documentary is the culmination of an investigation that started in 2017 and contains archival videos, exclusive images, and many testimonies (some of which are unpublished), recreating a complicated plot of negligence, cover-ups, errors, and hidden agendas around this mournful tragedy.

The Argentine Navy lost communication with the submarine as it headed from Ushuaia towards Mar del Plata in the Gulf of San Jorge. Perhaps it sank after an implosion. For fifteen days, eighteen countries worked together on a search and rescue (SAR) mission that was ultimately unsuccessful.

The following year, the government engaged the private business Ocean Infinity and launched a second search. On November 17, 2018, the vessel was discovered near the verge of disappearing, at 907 meters deep, ending the mission.

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ARA San Juan: The Submarine that Disappeared

The show focuses on interviews with professionals and family members, although the actors don’t make up the cast. Instead, it features real-life individuals who witnessed the tragedy firsthand. Their direct experiences and views add to the investigative narrative of the documentary series.

This documentary is produced by Cactus Cine & Marcos Sacchetti. Mauricio Albornoz Iniesta,  producer and filmmaker, marks his directorial film debut with this docu-series. He previously worked as an editor for the movies The Ways of Wine and Panash.

The series will be available for streaming on Netflix on March 7, 2024.