Kristen Stewart Is Ready With Her Lesbian Thriller Romance Love Lies Bleeding!

Kristen Stewart making her return to the screens with the thriller movie Love Lies Bleeding! Starting from her journey as a naïve woman-turned-vampire in the Twilight saga, to the doomed Princess Diana in Spencer, Kristen Stewart’s career shares some rather fascinating roles.

However, her latest role in ‘Love Lies Bleeding’ as a gym manager gives her a rather scrumptious lead role as she portrays Lou in what might be the most exciting film of her career – which not to mention, played at the Berlin Film Festival!

What is the Love Lies Bleeding All About?

Love Lies Bleeding
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Let’s take a trip back to 1989 in New Mexico, where homeless bodybuilder Jackie (portrayed by Katy O’Brien) is assaulted in the form of a vicious punch to the face by a man who was making some unwarranted advances at her.

Ironically, this happens to be just outside of Lou’s gym, and seeing this, she takes her in, and lo! They begin a steamy love affair that soon ends them both in danger.

We’re not giving away the latest from the movie, but we can safely say that it is a ride that might bring out a new shade of love.

You might however notice that there are some rather masterful elements hidden here – for instance, a scene near the climax where a rather big confrontation springs into action but is taken too far; but does that even matter when you have Kristen Stewart in a sultry avatar and fiercely besotted on her lady love?

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When is the movie Love Lies Bleeding Coming Out?

Love Lies Bleeding

Love Lies Bleeding is showing currently at the Sundance Film Festival, and is scheduled for theater release in the US cinemas on 8th March; and on 14th March in Australian cinemas on 19th April in the UK.

All in all, Love Lies Bleeding is a real Friday flick – a massively entertainer that doubles as a thriller. It can be devoured on the big screen until it arrives on OTT where you can enjoy it with a glass of Merlot!