Blue Lock Chapter 252 Is Out to Read Now! Isagi and Hiori’s Chance to Pressure the Goalkeeper!

Blue Lock Chapter Is Out Now: Well, Blue Lock Chapter 252 is expected to come out in February 2024 at midnight JST (Japan Standard Time), without any breaks. Fans can anticipate the new chapter to follow its usual weekly release pattern and find it on the K Manga platform.

In the last chapter, we learned about Rin Itoshi and Nanase Nijiro’s past through a flashback. Rin trained Nanase to be his pawn and uncovered his hidden talent. The story then shifted to Rin having a chance to score a goal, but Hiori successfully blocked the shot.

If you want to know more about Blue Lock Chapter 252, including the release date, a recap of the previous chapter, and what to expect next, keep reading this article.

Blue Lock Chapter 252 Read Now!

Blue Lock Chapter 252
Spiel Anime

According to Kodansha’s manga platform, Blue Lock Chapter 252 will come out worldwide on Tuesday, February 20, 2024. But, because of the different time zones, it will be available in Japan on Wednesday, February 21, 2024, starting at midnight Japan Standard Time.

This chapter is named “Best Performance” and can be accessed on Kodansha’s K Manga service. This service is only for users in the US and can be used through websites or mobile apps. There hasn’t been any announcement regarding availability in other regions.

However, it’s important to note that the K Manga service uses a point-based system for purchasing chapters. You have to buy chapters with points that you add to your account. But, there are some free chapters available.

Currently, only 43 chapters are free. Chapters 44 to 106 can also be read for free, but you’ll need title tickets to access them.

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Recap Of Chapter 251 Of Blue Lock

Blue Lock Chapter 252
Spiel Anime

In Blue Lock Chapter 251, titled “Box Seat,” Rin Itoshi started his attack by skillfully dribbling the ball past Kunigami, Ness, and Raichi.

Quickly, Tokimitsu, Charles, and Nanase joined in to support Rin. This triggered a memory of Rin discovering Nanase’s hidden talent, ambidexterity, during their training sessions.

In the current match, Rin passed the ball to Nanase, who faced an obstacle with Mensah and Kiyora Jin blocking his path. Luckily, Nanase’s ambidextrous skills allowed him to navigate past them and cross the ball to Rin. Just as Rin was preparing to take his shot, Isagi and Kaiser intervened to stop him.

However, Rin anticipated this and, with a clever move, lifted Isagi by his collar and successfully placed the shot.

Itoshi, wanting the best view, set himself up to witness Rin’s journey to become the world’s best player. To everyone’s surprise, Hiori managed to block Rin’s shot.

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What To Expect From Chapter 252 Of Blue Lock?

Blue Lock Chapter 252
Spiel Anime

In Blue Lock chapter 252, which is titled “Best Performance,” we can expect Bastard Munchen to start their offensive moves. This time, they might target Yoichi Isagi and Hiori Yo, two Meta Vision users, in their attack strategy.

This could give Isagi and Hiori a chance to put pressure on the goalkeeper and try to score. Alternatively, the chapter might also focus on characters like Kiyora Jin or Kunigami Rensuke, giving them a chance to show off their skills and have memorable moments.