Art of Love Reveals Story of a Romantic Thief!

Recai Karagöz, the director of Love Tactics 2, created Art of Love, also known as Ask Sanati in Turkish, as a homage to the French Lupin & the English Red Notice.

The film pays homage to classic art heist movies while also delivering a fresh take on the genre. It features a talented ensemble cast that includes some of the industry’s biggest names.

Fans of crime thrillers and action-packed dramas will undoubtedly find this film to be an exciting and entertaining watch when it debuts on Netflix in the coming months.

Art of Love (Aşk Sanatı) | Official Trailer

Netflix’s “Art Of Love” release date is out! The streaming giant released the film’s trailer recently, giving fans a promising insight into its dark and tragic storyline.

While Guney is a wealthy and sophisticated art thief, Alin is a reputable Interpol officer looking for the former.

The Art of Love trailer depicts the two’s unique and intriguing relationship. Guney is Alin’s ex-flame. When Alin finds out the link between them, she is determined to use it to her advantage, even going so far as to entice and bait him romantically again.

It appears that Guney is a skilled player who cannot be easily tricked. Although Alin is aware of his plans, she will require assistance in capturing him. It’s worth noting that Alin is unaware that she only discovered the connection between them because Guney stole a low-value painting from a museum as a signal to her.

Alin unknowingly becomes emotionally invested while trapping him. Will her feelings get in the way of her work, or will Guney get to reveal his real self to Alin? A thrilling trailer is all it takes to offer an excellent first look at a promising Turkish thriller.

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The Cast and Crew of Art of Love (Aşk Sanatı).

Art of Love

The Art of Love stars Esra Bilgiç (Resurrection: Ertuğrul) & Birkan Sokullu (The Innocents) in pivotal roles. Brazilian supermodel Larissa Gacemer was cast as an Interpol official in the film, but she left owing to schedule issues and was replaced with Nil Keser. The film stars Ushan Çakır, Hakan Ummak,  Fırat Tanış, & Osman Alkaş.

Recai Karagöz, the director of the forthcoming Romantic Thriller, previously directed Love Tactics 2, the sequel to one of Netflix Turkey’s most popular original films. Pelin Karamehmetoğlu wrote the screenplay for the film Art of Love.

The Art of Love premieres on Netflix on March 14.