Erin & Aaron Season 2 ‘Canceled’ By Netflix!

Fans of Erin and Aaron might be a bit disappointed, by the recent news that Nickelodeon and Netflix, have decided not to renew the series Season 2. Let’s find out the details you need to know about the Netflix series.

Headed by duo Ava Ro and Jensen Gering, ‘Erin and Aaron’ follows the story of two step-siblings who learn to make an unlikely bond by connecting through music.

The show features several guest stars who make appearances throughout the series – including Jack Griffo, Celia Mendez, Luca Diaz, and many more!

‘Erin and Aaron’ is one of the few Nickelodeon live-action shows that Netflix has made an Original title outside of USA. The first season was announced on Netflix last year with all 13 episodes making way and hitting OTT screens globally on November 2023.

What’s the Current Status of Erin & Aaron Season 2?

Erin & Aaron Season 2

The current status of the teen musical comedy series stands rather dull – the announcement of the cancellation for renewal of Erin & Aaron Season 2 came via social media on February 5th with Jensen Gering making the announcement.

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What Is the Deal Struck Between Netflix and Nickelodeon?

Erin & Aaron Season 2

Back in 2019, a major deal between OTT giant Netflix and Nickelodeon was made with the ‘New York Times’ reporting that this deal was worth a couple hundred million dollars. The multiyear deal allows Netflix to utilize Nick’s property, to produce content for its large fan base.

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What Is Erin and Aaron About?

Erin & Aaron Season 2

In the show, both Erin and Aaron have opposite personalities, and it doesn’t help that they are step-siblings.

Aaron is a steadfast, organized kid and he practices music daily whereas Erin is more spontaneous, and unpredictable and she plays music when she wants. However, they share a love for music and songs and this mutual passion brings them together as they start to find common ground, and ultimately believe in each other.

The dynamics of the duo can be easily sustained in more episodes in a follow-up season but since the renewal cancellation announcement, the future of the show is currently unknown as it looks rather bleak.