Gina Rodriquez to Return With Not Dead Yet Season 3!

One of ABC’s fast-faves in recent years, Not Dead Yet is one of the most popular sitcoms – but will the supernatural comedy be returning for a Season 3?

Not Dead Yet is loosely based on the book ‘Confessions of a Forty-Something F**k Up’ by Alexandra Potter, and the series revolves around Nell Serrano, a journalist who works as a writer for obituaries in the local newspaper.

Despite it being a dead-end job (pun intended!), Nell quickly catches up with the more interesting side of her job – her secret talent for seeing ghosts. She begins communicating with the spirits of those she’s eulogizing and learns some important life lessons from the departed.

Sounds like quite the spook doesn’t it?

Although the first season was a sleeper hit, Not Dead Yet quickly found its place in the entertainment industry and was renewed for a second season just as quickly in 2023.

The reception was on the lukewarm side, but the audience in general favored the series thereby justifying ABC’s decision for said renewal.

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Who Stars in the Situation-Comedy Not Dead Yet Season 3?

Not Dead Yet Season 3
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We have seen Gina Rodriquez (Jane, The Virgin) in the past two seasons play the role of hapless journalist, Nell Serrano and that’s not changing. Alongside Rodriquez, Hannah Simone will be joining as Sam.

Aside from the regulars, Not Dead Yet will also feature recognizable stars (who play the ghosts in each episode) just like in the previous seasons.

The series’ story is confined to each episode, but a few threads continue to pull through that could become a part of the third season.

Nell’s perpetual quest for a stable relationship will not end in the second season – meaning that the third season will see her exploring and going out more. Regardless of her choices, each episode of the series of the third season will likely show us Nell interacting and communicating with her ghostly ‘buddies’ er… obituary subjects