When Is Chained Soldier Episode 6 Coming?

When Is Chained Soldier Episode 6 Coming? Well, the next episode of Chained Soldier, Episode 6, is scheduled to premiere in February 2024 at 11 PM JST. In the last episode, Himari surprisingly won a fight against her sister, and now fans are eager to see if the 6th Squad can secure a victory in the upcoming episode.

Unfortunately, there are no reliable spoilers available for Episode 6 as of now, which is a common situation for this series but can be disappointing for fans. On a positive note, we do have a confirmed release date and time for the much-anticipated first episode of the series.

If you keep reading, you’ll get all the details about Episode 6 of Chained Soldier, including the release date, a recap of the previous episode, and what to expect in the upcoming one.

When Is Chained Soldier Episode 6 Coming?

Chained Soldier Episode 6
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Episode 6 of Chained Soldier is scheduled to premiere on Japanese TV networks at 11 PM JST on Thursday, February 8, 2024. For some international fans, it means the episode will be available early on Friday morning in their local time.

However, the majority of international fans can watch it on Thursday, similar to Japanese fans, but the exact release time depends on their region and timezone. International viewers can stream the episode on HIDIVE about one hour after it airs in Japan.

Notably, Crunchyroll does not seem to have the series in its Winter 2024 schedule, making HIDIVE the primary legitimate option for international streaming.

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Recap Of Episode 5 Of Chained Soldier

Chained Soldier Episode 6

In episode 5 of “Chained Soldier,” the story kicks off with Himari and Yuuki locked in a fierce battle against Yachiho. They initially had a smart plan that seemed to be working flawlessly. Whenever they got close to Yachiho, they’d provoke her to use her special move.

Then, depending on her reaction, they’d adjust their strategy by either stepping back or pushing forward before time stopped.

By keeping an eye on how tired Yachiho seemed, they could gauge how many times she had used her power. But Yachiho caught on to their tactic and countered by activating her Prime Time ability, which extended her time control from five to ten seconds.

With this boost, she managed to keep them within her attack range and eventually scored a hit. Despite Yachiho’s attempts to break their spirit, Himari and Yuuki persisted in the fight.

Eventually, they came up with a secret plan. Rushing towards Yachiho, Yuuki transformed back into a human just as they closed in on her.

Yachiho tried freezing time, but the dust cloud from Yuuki’s transformation obstructed her view of Himari. Seizing the opportunity, Himari snuck up behind Yachiho and secured their victory, earning her respect in the process.

The episode concluded by teasing the upcoming fight between ShushuSagara and Sahara Wakasa.

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What To Expect From Episode 6 Of Chained Soldier?

Chained Soldier Episode 6
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In episode 6 of Chained Soldier, after Yachiho’s defeat, it seems like Himari and Yuuki won’t be in the spotlight for a while. Instead, the focus will shift to Shushu’s match against Sahara.

It’s possible that Himari and Yuuki might not even be seen much in this episode, as the fight begins while they’re recovering in the 7th Squad dormitory. The episode is also expected to delve into Shushu’s background, similar to how Himari’s backstory was revealed before her fight.

Although Shushu may not have a direct connection to Sahara like Himari had with Yachiho, there will likely be some aspects of their powers, personalities, or the fight itself that trigger Shushu’s memories of her origins.