When Is Chainsaw Man Chapter 154 Coming?

When Is Chainsaw Man Chapter 154 Coming? Well, Chainsaw Man chapter 154 is scheduled to come out in January 2024 at midnight Japan Standard Time (JST). In this chapter, Denji and Nayuta find themselves in a situation where frightened civilians might see them as targets.

Fans are eagerly wondering if their collaboration will continue after the immediate danger passes. Unfortunately, as of now, there are no reliable spoilers available for Chainsaw Man chapter 154 and beyond. However, what fans can be sure of is the confirmed release date, just a few days away.

This article will provide a detailed breakdown of the latest release information for Chainsaw Man chapter 154 and offer some speculations on what might happen in the chapter. So keep reading this piece of article till the end.

When Is Chainsaw Man Chapter 154 Coming?

Chainsaw Man Chapter 154
Chainsaw Man Manga

Chainsaw Man chapter 154 is coming out on Wednesday, January 31, 2024, at midnight Japan Standard Time (JST).

For most people outside Japan, this means it will be available during the daytime on Tuesday, January 30, 2024.

However, some international readers will get it in the very early hours of Wednesday, January 31, 2024, just like readers in Japan.

To read the chapter, fans can visit Viz Media’s official website, Shueisha’sMANGAPlus service, or Shueisha’sShonen Jump+ app.

The first two options are free and provide access to the first and latest three chapters of a series. The third option, Shonen Jump+, is a paid subscription service that gives readers access to the entire series.

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Recap Of Chapter 153 Of Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man Chapter 154
Chainsaw Man Manga

In Chapter 153 of Chainsaw Man, Denji dropped Miri Sugo’s transformed corpse to the floor. The damage from Sugo and others started affecting him, causing him to collapse and bleed.

Nayuta recognized that Denji didn’t want to be with her. Bystanders, now armed with spears, surrounded Denji as he tried to get up.

Someone ordered civilians to evacuate, and Denji asked if he could too. Some protesters saw him as human, but others still thought he was one of the Fakesaw Men.

A bystander threw a net on Denji, but FumikoMifune and Nayuta explained he was the real Chainsaw Man. Unfortunately, their words go unheard as Denji is doused in gasoline.

Some believe killing the real Chainsaw Man will bring their friends back, leading to an altercation where Denji unintentionally injures a bystander, triggering a mob attack.

Nayuta, feeling a sense of familial connection with Denji, uses her powers to control one of the civilians, ending the chapter in chaos.

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What To Expect From Chapter 154 Of Chainsaw Man?

Chainsaw Man Chapter 154
Chainsaw Man Manga

In Chainsaw Man chapter 154, Nayuta and Denji are expected to escape from their burning apartment. After ensuring their safety, Nayuta may confront Denji about something important, possibly leading to the end of their family-like bond.

However, it’s doubtful that readers will see the final result of their conversation in this chapter. Instead, the focus is expected to shift back to AsaMitaka and War Devil Yoru.

The chapter might also show them successfully locating Yoshida and jumping into the second round of their fight in the final pages of the chapter.