Sago Mini Friends Season 3 Renewal Status and Everything You Need!

Sago Mini Friends takes Harvey, Jinja, Jack, and Robin on an adventure for Season 3 in Sagoville. The new season has enough discoveries, and catchy songs to keep viewers’ interest and attention captured on the screen.

It’s a rather delightful journey for those who have watched the first season, as they get to explore and appreciate the beauty of friendship all the while looking at the screen.

Here’s everything that you need to know about the show!

What Is the Show All About?

Sago Mini Friends Season 3

Sago Mini Friends is produced by Daytime Emmy Award-nominated Spinmaster Entertainment and Brown Bag Films.

Dr. Sonja Lyubmirsky (a Psychology professor at the University of California) serves as the gratitude expert on the series. Not only this, the animated series has been streaming in 107 countries with 23 languages! How cool is that?

The series focuses on thankfulness and gratitude and features all-time favorites like Harvey, Jinja, Jack, and Robin and of course, there’s much more to this unique group of four friends. Each day is a chance to explore and celebrate in the town of Sagoville – and beyond.

In every episode, Harvey and his friends express gratitude for all things – whether small or big – via innocent optimism, kindness, and some catchy songs.

In Sagoville, there is always room for an adventure – so kids and their parents, get ready for an unforgettable medley of songs, tons of adventure, and giggles galore with Sago Mini Friends!

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Where Is Sago Mini Friends Available for Streaming?

Sago Mini Friends is available for streaming on Apple Plus TV.

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How Many Episodes Will There Be Sago Mini Friends Season 3?

Sago Mini Friends Season 3

The recent season has 10 episodes with a trailer already released globally. The season is packed with adventures, friendship, and lots of fun. It’s just what every kid would love to watch!