Young Royals Season 3 Teaser Shows Prince Wilhelm’s Return to Hillerska

Within eight days of releasing the first exclusive looks from Season 3, Netflix tempted fans again with an official teaser of Young Royals. A recently released clip from Young Royals season 3, which also marks the show’s final season, shows Prince Wilhelm’s (Edvin Ryding)  return to the higher-status boarding school Hillerska.

Previously, the eight pictures hinted at the return of the original cast. Their looks and surroundings foreshadow a dynamic shift and big clashes for the upcoming season.

Young Royals Season 3  | Official Clip

This time, the latest one-minute-thirty-one-second teaser shows Prince Wilhelm returning to Hillerska, the sophisticated boarding school where he is studying.

The clip shows Felice, Wilhelm’s ex-lover, and her friends talking when Wilhelm texts her to say he’s returning to school, and they wonder if he and Simon will be in an official relationship when he does.

Wilhelm appears to be thinking the same thing as he sits in the rear of his car, nervously staring through the window. He doesn’t seem happy.

The series follows Wilhelm’s school life and his relationship with Simon, another student. Their relationship has been complicated, but things got pretty nasty at the end of the previous season.

Wilhelm’s public confession that he was the one in the leaked film when Simon finally told him he loved him, caused quite an uproar.

While the Young Royals will make things challenging for them, given the pattern of the last two seasons, Simon and Wilhelm will likely end up together. If this is the case, they will follow the lead of many other present LGBTQ+ series centered on young romance.

However, there is always the possibility that the program may finish satisfactorily without the couple getting together, with both of them using their teenage romance as their foundation for happy and healthy but different lives.

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Who Will Be Returning for Season 3?

Young Royals Season 3

Of course, the famous core cast of the sitcom will return in the Young Royals Season 3. We shall see the incredible chemistry between Omar Rudberg’s Simon and Edvin Ryding’s Wilhelm.

Malte Gårdinger is returning to his complex role as August Horn of Årnäs. Frida Argento’s Sara Eriksson will  reprise her roles.

Additional cast members feature Carmen Gloria Pérez as Linda, Inti Zamora Sobrado as Ayub, Pernilla August as Queen Kristina of Sweden, Magnus Roosmann as Duke Ludvig,  Beri Gerwise as Rosh, & Ivar Forsling as Prince Erik.

Netflix has not confirmed the release date for Season 3, although it was hinted that it would be around March 2024. ?