The Woman in the Wall Confirm Paramount+ Release Date, Cast, and More!

The release for the upcoming mystery thriller The Woman in the Wall is all set to EAT – it stars Ruth Wilson (His Dark Materials) and we all know that she’s quite the actor plus she’s pretty cute!

Here’s everything we know about the mystery-thriller series.

The Woman In The Wall is a masterpiece, created and written by Joe Murtagh and hails from Motive Pictures and BBC. The executive production is done by Wilson (again!), Simon Maxwell, Sam Lavender, Murtagh, and Harry Wootliff.

Now when we talk about the series, we can understand from the trailer that it centers on a woman called Lorna Brady, from the Irish town of Kilkinure as she wakes up one morning to find a corpse in her house.

Now you can imagine that when a series/movie starts with a murder or a mystical corpse suddenly breathing down your neck, it’s a sure shot that the creation is a true masterpiece in its wake.

What Is the Plot of the Series The Woman in the Wall?

The Woman in the Wall
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As you know, the series The Woman in the Wall revolves around Lorna Brady who suddenly wakes up to find an unidentified corpse in her house. However, this comes as a no-brainer that Lorna has absolutely no idea as to who the corpse belongs to – could it be that she was responsible for the apparent murder of this strange woman?

The answer to the above dilemma is rather simple – Lorna has suffered from extreme bouts of sleepwalking since the age of 15 when she was incarcerated in the Kilkinure Convent (notorious for the infamous Magdalene Laundries for women).

Here, Lorna lost the child she birthed as the infant daughter was cruelly taken from her and Lorna has no whereabouts about the child’s fate.

The Woman in the Wall is all set to be released on 19th January 2024, on Paramount Plus.

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Who Stars in the Series?

The Woman in the Wall
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Apart from Ruth Wilson, this dark mystery series stars Daryl McCormack as Detective Colman Akande, Simon Delaney, Phillippa Dunne, Mark Huberman, Hilda Fay, Frances Tomelty, and Dermot Crowley.