When Is Dandadan Chapter 128 Coming?

When Is Dandadan Chapter 128 Coming? Well, the new chapter of the Dandadan story, Chapter 128, will come out in November 2023 in Japan. In this chapter, we’ll see Seiko making some important progress in their plan. They’ve started to remove the spirit of Ombusman from Rin’s body, which is a big deal.

Rin was able to do this because she faced her fears and the pain she’s been feeling for a long time. But, their journey is not finished yet.

They now have to deal with a big group of Ninomiyas and other spirits who might try to stop them. This could be very dangerous for Rin and their mission.

To overcome this challenge, Momo and the rest of the team must work together seamlessly. So, if you want to know more about Dandadan Chapter 128, including its release date, a recap of the previous chapter, and what to expect in the upcoming chapter, keep reading this article till the end.

When Is Dandadan Chapter 128 Coming?

Dandadan Chapter 128
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Chapter 128 of the popular manga series Dandadan is set to be released on Monday, November 8, 2023. Fans from all around the world can enjoy not only Chapter 128 but also catch up on previous chapters, like Chapter 127, by visiting MangaPlus, Shueisha, and Viz Media’s websites.

If you’re of this manga, you can easily dive into the world of Dandadan with just a click by using the MangaPlus and Shonen Jump+ apps, which are well-known for their manga content.

These apps have a lot of manga series for you to read. You can discover many different exciting stories and types of manga.

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Recap Of Chapter 127 Of Dandadan

Dandadan Chapter 128
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In Chapter 127, when the lead singer of the Hayashi band became unconscious, the responsibility to continue the show fell on Rin, even though she didn’t want to sing. She had a deep-seated fear because every time she tried to sing, she was haunted by a distressing memory of Mai.

Eventually, Rin couldn’t hold back her tears and confessed that back then, she felt helpless and her main duty was to take care of her family. She explained that her commitment to caring for her grandmother and managing the household made her give up the idea of auditioning.

Seiko, sensing an opportunity, encouraged Rin to use her pain while singing, and surprisingly, this allowed the Ombusman to partially leave Rin’s body.

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What To Expect From Chapter 128 Of Dandadan?

Dandadan Chapter 128
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In Dandadan Chapter 128, we will continue following Rin’s journey as she takes on the responsibility of keeping the show going by expressing her pain through music. At the same time, Seiko and the group are getting close to a very important moment in time when something really sad happens to Mai.

This might be when the Ombusman finally gets out of Rin’s body. However, because the Ombusman is incredibly powerful, things may take a turn for the worse, especially for Rin and everyone else involved in this intense situation. It’s a suspenseful moment that could bring new challenges and risks for our characters.