In The BEEKEEPER Trailer Jason Statham Strikes Terrible Guys With A Vengeance!

In the first trailer for the forthcoming action-thriller The Beekeeper, Jason Statham‘s next action hero follows his own rules.

The official restricted trailer for The Beekeeper, starring Statham’s character unleashing full John Wick on a phishing organization that cleaned out his former neighbor’s bank accounts, was recently released by MGM.

While Statham’s character, referred to as “Mr. Clay,” appears to be leading a quiet life as a beekeeper at the start of the movie, viewers gradually find that the title has another meaning and that Mr Clay was formerly part of a powerful and secretive organization known as “Beekeepers.”

The Beekeeper | Official Trailer

In the first ‘The Beekeeper’ trailer, Jason Statham strikes terrible guys with a vengeance. Statham is an action hero and his presence in any film guarantees enthralling fight scenes.

That is exactly what the trailer for The Beekeeper demonstrates. Jason Statham joins a new organization with The Beekeeper after bidding farewell to his fellow action actors in the newly released Expend4bles.

The first trailer for David Ayer’s next action movie depicts the actor seeking revenge against the firm behind a phishing scam. As a former member of The Beekeepers, an intense and secretive organization, no task he undertakes will be without national consequences. It quickly gets clear that the corruption extends to the top, and he’s there to keep the hive under control.

Statham’s character was a literal beekeeper before executing murderous revenge, helping an older woman tend to her hives and bringing life back to the ground around her home. She admires his efforts in changing “crabgrass and weed” land into something fruitful.

Their warm connection is clear in the first few moments. When she falls subject to a phishing scam, she loses all and kills herself. Statham, grieving, replies by destroying one of the company’s offices in the name of the lady he saw as family.

The enterprise is significantly larger than some low-level crooks, but the upper boss realizes they’re dealing with no average person. Statham’s character is a typical rogue action hero, a former member of an organization that operated outside of any military or police forces to keep the country safe.

The clip reveals a little too much, and if no significant plot twists are revealed, the storyline and who wins in the end may be readily anticipated from the trailer.

 The Beekeeper promises a great deal more. That means plenty of high-octane fights, close-quarters action, and more insane sequences like tying a bad guy to a car as it careens over a bridge or setting someone on fire with honey.

As he kills his way up the chain, it becomes evident that the scam extends to the top of the government, and it is up to him to root out the corruption, even if it means going up against the FBI and other U.S. officials.

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The Cast and Characters of The BEEKEEPER

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In addition to Statham and Rashad, the cast of the forthcoming action thriller includes Emmy Raver-Lampman, Josh Hutcherson, Bobby Naderi, Minnie Driver, and Jeremy Irons

According to the trailer, Hutcherson and Irons portray antagonists who work for the same team. Hutcherson’s character appears to be Jeremy Irons’s son. Meanwhile, Raver-Lampman seems to be a hired gun for Mr. Clay.