When IS One Piece Episode 1077 Coming?

When Is One Piece Episode 1077 Coming? Well, One Piece Episode 1077 is scheduled to come out sometime in September 2023, at 9:30 am in Japan. This episode is crucial because it will likely confirm Luffy’s victory over Kaido, but we still need the official narrator to make it official.

They also need to let the people of Wano know that Kaido and Orochi have been defeated. But right now, we don’t have any spoilers or details about what will happen in this episode.

Still, fans are pretty sure that the end of this story is getting really close. We can at least be certain about when the episode will be released, and in this article, we’ll discuss what little information we have and speculate about what might happen next.

One Piece Episode 1077 Release Date: When Is It Coming?

One Piece Episode 1077
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One Piece Episode 1077 will start airing in Japan at 9:30 a.m. JST on Sunday, September 24, 2023. Some international fans might see it on Saturday night, but most will watch it on Sunday morning in their local time. The exact time can vary depending on where you live.

For international viewers, you can stream the episode on Crunchyroll about 90 minutes after it airs in Japan.

Funimation also streams the new episodes, but their release is slower than Crunchyroll’s. So, if you want to watch the episode as soon as possible, Crunchyroll is the better choice.

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Recap Of One Piece Episode 1076

One Piece Episode 1077
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In One Piece Episode 1076, we got to learn more about Kaido’s past. It began with his childhood as a child soldier in the Vodka Kingdom, where he realized that they constantly went to war to pay a hefty Heavenly Tribute.

Kaido questioned why they paid this tribute and tried to exchange himself with the Marines for his kingdom’s benefit. But he escaped and eventually joined the Rocks Pirates after meeting Whitebeard on Pirate Island. He later split from them and met Kurozumi Higurashi.

In the present, Kaido revealed his desire to create a world filled with violence and asked Luffy about his own vision for the world.

Momonosuke saved Onigashima from crashing, and the episode ended with Luffy defeating Kaido, expressing his wish to create a world where his friends could enjoy unlimited food.

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What To Expect From One Piece Episode 1077?

One Piece Episode 1077
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In One Piece Episode 1077, we can expect the series’ narrator to officially announce Kaido’s defeat, confirming what happened in the previous episode.

We’ll likely see where Kaido ended up at the bottom of the hole he fell into. After that, the members of the Onigashima Raid who were part of the battle will probably celebrate Luffy’s victory.

This celebration might then lead to informing the people of Wano about Orochi and Kaido’s defeat. Additionally, we can anticipate the introduction of Momonosuke as the true shogun of Wano and as the son of Kozuki Oden.