Taylor Swift Lookalike Ashley Leechin Facing Backlash for Shopping Mall Prank

On August 19, Leechin went to The Grove in Los Angeles with a group of guys who were dressed in black and acted as her bodyguards.

Published: August 25th, 2023 8:59 am | Updated: August 25, 2023 8:59 am

Ashley Leechin, a famous TikTok star and Taylor Swift impersonator, has faced criticism and backlash for her social experiment prank.

Ashley Leechin, a TikTok celebrity well-known for her uncanny likeness to Taylor Swift, has sparked debate with a “social experiment” celebrity prank.

Ashley’s TikTok and other social media posts are adored by her followers. However, she recently played a joke on the Swifties, and it backfired. In several social media videos, she reveals her true identity to fans who come up to her for an autograph.

In a joint effort with YouTuber Victor Galven, Leechin pretended to be Swift while escorted by actors dressed as bodyguards throughout Los Angeles.

Leechin’s activities drew criticism from admirers and detractors who questioned her intentions and the morality of the hoax, even though her goal appeared to illustrate the difficulties celebrities endure.

Leechin’s experience illuminates the nuanced connection between celebrity impersonators and the genuine emotions of fandoms.

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What Happened During The Fake Taylor Swift Prank?

Taylor Swift

On August 19, Leechin went to The Grove in Los Angeles with a group of guys who were dressed in black and acted as her bodyguards. She was dressed in jeans, a white T-shirt, a red leather hat, and dark sunglasses and was prepared to trick the crowd.

Ashley quickly attracted a sizable following with her Taylor Swift impersonation talents. She smiles sweetly at the crowd as her security leads her out of the area while they ask for her autograph and take selfies with her.

After the achievement, she decided to go to Downtown Disney to continue her streak with YouTuber Victor Galvan. She switches out her black top and pink hat for a slightly different appearance.

Her prank works really well for fans who never imagined they would see Taylor Swift in their Wildest Dreams. The adept impersonator eventually confesses that she is Ashley.

The fans are shocked by this unveiling, and several start laughing. On the other hand, Swifties thought the impersonation was tasteless once the prank was shared on Instagram and became viral.

Ashley Leechin stated the comments on her Instagram after receiving criticism for her most recent practical joke. She sent an image of the headline from a story about Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck using stooges to fool photographers during their wedding.

“The videos surfacing are taken way out of context & I just want to say to those who have messaged me and have said very kind things, I see you, and I thank you. I just hope those who are angry over speculation do not dwell on this and can eventually enjoy their day.”

Ashley Leechin.