Sam Asghari Was Seen For The First Time Without Wedding Ring!

Sam Asghari was seen without wedding ring amid divorce rumours with Britney Spears!

Published: August 23rd, 2023 8:24 am | Updated: August 23, 2023 8:24 am

Sam Asghari was recently seen without his wedding ring ever since the news of divorce came. There are a lot of celebrities who are right now going through many ups and downs in their life.

Sometimes it is related to the professional life they are going with while other times it is some personal life with creates some unnecessary attention that is affecting them.

Talking about all these things and dating life or being in marriage always creates news related to celebrities. The same was true when they decided to get out of such a relationship and start a whole new life.

The same is happening with married couple Britney Spears and her husband Sam Asghari. If we go according to the reports which are yet not officially confirmed then Britney Spears and Sam are getting a divorce.

And ever since these rumors came in front, Sam Asghari made his first appearance, and that too without a wedding ring. In the new photos that came in front, the trainer was seen wearing a black tank top and joggers.

While he was heading, it was easy to notice his ring finger that was without a wedding ring. And in these matters, somewhere the couple are confirming their separation indirectly.

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Sam Asghari Was Seen For The First Time Without Wedding Ring Amid Divorce Rumors!

Sam Asghari

According to the reports, Sam was living all alone for quite a few weeks and the separation was the only option left. The couple decided to reconcile however, it did not work.

If we go with the first appearance of Britney Spears then she came on social media. Right now, Britney Spears then appears to be enjoying her life as she recently uploaded a video of herself with five different men.

She was seen enjoying the time with all these men while being around the pool and wearing a very beautiful green mini dress.

Coming to the separation news it was coming for quite a few months now. The first time it came in front was when Sam Asghari, as well as Britney Spears, were seen without their wedding ring.

However, Sam came in front and denied all these allegations confirming that they are very much in love.

They got married in June 2022 and it was recently when they celebrated their first wedding anniversary.

The celebration was very much private and that’s the reason why the singer decided not to give any kind of news to her fans on the same day.