Wayne Brady Come Out As Pans*xual!

Wayne Brady is one of the most popular media personalities in the US, the 51-year-old is widely recognized as one of the most talented individuals in Hollywood, he is an actor, a singer, and a very successful comedian.

Brady has been part of over 15 movies and the highlight of his acting career has been movies like Stuart Little 3: call of the Wild, other than that, movies like The Adventures of Brer Rabbit, The Hero of Color City, Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Candace Against the Universe are some of his best works.

For Brady, Hollywood movies started quite late in his career, his acting debut project came in 1990 with the American television series Superboy, he impressed the viewers with her acting but didn’t get much work until 1993 when he came back with three back-to-back television series and this was the year that made him a star and he never looked back.

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Here Is What More Wayne Brady Shared About His S*xuality.

Wayne Brady
TV Insider

Brady’s popularity reached new heights year after year, he has featured in over 70 television series in his three-decades-long career, his popularity reached so high at one point of time that he was even invited to WWE’s popular show The Raw, where he got RKOd by superstar Randy Orton.

For many years there were speculations about Brady’s s*xuality but now he has openly revealed it; Brady, who is a father of a 20-year-old daughter has announced that he is Pans*xual.

He took to his Instagram and shared the revelation with his fans, for those who don’t know, Pans*xual is someone who is attracted to both males and females, he now considers himself to be part of the LGBTQ community.

As soon as he revealed the news to his fans, his comments section got flooded with lovely comments from people representing the LGBTQ community.