America Ferrera Joins Me Too Movement, Said She Was Assaulted.

America Ferrera Speaks About S*xual Assault. The infamous social media movement, Me Too is back, and many popular names are coming up and raising their voice against the heinous act.

The movement started back in 2018 and it exposed many culprits, thousands of women came up and shared their horrible experiences of some kind of s*xual assault.

Now, this year again some celebrities are speaking up about their experiences, Hollywood actress America Ferrera took to her Instagram and shared a story that dates back 30 years ago.

Ferrera, through her Instagram post, shared her experience of s*xual assault when she was only a nine-year-old child.

She further wrote that she never shared the horrible incident with anybody and kept on living with shame and guilt thinking about the incident.

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America Ferrera Joins Me Too Movement, Said She Was Assaulted When She Was Only 9.

America Ferrera

She further wrote that she was unfortunate to be in a situation where she had to see the man every day for many years to come and on almost a daily basis, the grown man who did the act used to smile and wave at her and this would trigger a feeling of fear and anxiety inside her as her blood used to start running cold, the predator always gave a kind of smile which signaled her to keep her mouth shut.

Further in her post, Ferrera requested all the ladies around the world to end their silence and show their strengths so that the next generation of females won’t have to go through any of this.

The ongoing movement has been sparked by popular actress and activist Alyssa Milano who shared a note on Twitter where she requested women to share their harassment stories so that this still prevalent issue could get the attention that it deserves, and since then many women have come forward and have shared their gut-wrenching experiences of being s*xually harassed and assaulted.